Hoops On Fire Athletics - Don't Train To Compete, Train To Dominate
Hoops On Fire Basketball Athletic Performance Training is a science-based training program (rather than using gimmicks that look "cool, but don't work) designed to improve the youth athlete's performance level by first building a foundation for functional strength (actual usable sport-specific strength), rather than mere absolute strength (weight room strength or “big muscles”) that doesn't translate to anything on the court.

Once a proper foundation is developed, the program will progress to unleash the athlete's full vertical jump potential, overall explosiveness, speed (both linear and lateral) and agility by using advanced training techniques, including plyometrics, power training, Olympic lifts, kettlebell training, super-band training, basketball-specific foot speed drills, and first-step explosion mechanics. The focus will be on developing fast-twitch muscle fibers(type IIa) and super fast-twitch muscle fibers (type IIb), using exercises that specifically recruit these muscle fibers, which will not only improve the athlete’s strength, but enable the athlete to generate that force in the shortest possible amount of time. In basketball, a sport with a constant demand for rapid acceleration, change of direction, quick and high jumps, it is exactly what is needed. Additionally, one-of-a-kind reaction drills will help develop the mind-muscle connection, so that the athlete can implement and use the newly developed speed and explosiveness most effectively on the court.

The foundation will be established using multiplanar core conditioning, integrated flexibility, joint stability, balance training and strength training, allowing the athlete to effectively transfer explosive power between lower and upper body. Building a foundation first will also help improve the athlete’s overall injury resilience, minimizing the chance of being sidelined.

As the training progresses, dependent on effort level,commitment and coachability, the athlete will experience noticeable improvement in first-step quickness, ability to create space, scoring ability, acceleration, top-end speed, deceleration, reaction speed, vertical leap and change of direction, resulting in a more explosive, powerful, and agile basketball player who will have the edge over the competition. Additionally, the athlete will feel an increase in full-body “real-world” strength, strength that will actually benefit the athlete on the court, not just in the weight room or the beach.

Each exclusive 1-month training cycle consists of 1-2 sessions weekly, as proper rest & recovery is part of the physically high-demanding training to see the highest gains.
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