Hoops On Fire Athletics - Don't Train To Compete, Train To Dominate
Hoops On Fire Advanced Skills Training willl not only solidify players' fundamental skills, Hoops On Fire will take players beyond the fundamentals to truly become unstoppable!
• Ball handling skills will be taken to new heights through a series of innovative drills, using one ball, 2 balls, 3 balls, tennisballs and medicine balls and cones.
• Players will learn how to attack off the catch, by learning proper footwork and different pivots, jabs and sweeps.
• Players will learn how to beat defenders off the dribble by learning first-step explosion mechanics, fundamental and advanced change-of direction moves, body positioning, and how to create space for easy shots.
• Last, but not least, players will learn a variety of one-foot finishes, 2 foot finishes, and anchor leg finishes as well as advanced finishes that have become a common sight in high-school, collegiate and the pros such as the "floater", euro-step and spin-move.
• Post players are not left out!!  Learn proper footwork (reverse and forward pivot series) and body positioning for basic, as well as advanced post moves, such as the drop-step, jump-hook,  and baby-hook.
Finally, players will learn how to identify which of the acquired attacks & finishes is most appropriate, depending on how they are guarded.
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